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Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest in The World

Biggest, Highest, Largest, Longest in The World

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World Longest River, Railway Road, Canal, Road etc.

Longest Geographical Place Name
River Nile (Africa)
Road Bridge Bang Na Expressway (Thailand)
Railway Bridge Danyang-Kunshan Grand Bridge (China)
Canal Suez Canal
Highway Pan American Highway
Mountain Range Andes (South America)
Railway Route Yivu (China) to Londan (12,000 km)
Railway Platform Gorakhpur (India)
Sea Coast Canada
Railway Tunnel Gotthard Base Tunnel (Switzerland)
Railway Tunnel Lardal (24.5 km, Norway)
Wall Great Wall of China

World largest Country, Desert, Delta, Dam, Island etc.

Largest Name
Archipelago Indonesia
Irrigational Canal Narmada main canal, Gujarat (India)
City in population Tokyo
Continent Asia
Country in population China
Country in electorate India
Landlocked Country Kazakhstan
Creature Blue Whale
Delta Sunderbans (India & Bangladesh)
Desert Sahara (Africa)
Dam Grand Coulee (U.S.A)
Dome Astrodome, Houston (U.S.A)
Epic Mahabharat
Irrigation Scheme Lloyd Barrage, Sukkhur (Pakistan)
Island Greenland
Sea South China Sea
Artificial Lake Lake Volta (Ghana)
Fresh Water Lake Superior
Salt Water Lake Caspian
Library United States Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
Museum British Museum, Londan
Ocean Pacific
Park Yellow National Park (U.S.A)
Railway Station Grand Central Terminal, Chicago (U.S.A)
River Amazon (South America)
Stadium based on seating capacity Rungnado 1st of May Stadium (North Korea)
Radio Telescope New Mexico (U.S.A)
Zoo San Diego Zoo (U.S.A)

1.Which is the tallest building in the world ?
Ans: Burj Khalifa (Dubai, UAE).

2. Which is the busiest airport in the world ?
Ans: Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport (USA).

3. Which is the largest archipelago in the world ?
Ans: Indonesia

4. Which is the longest road bridge in the world ?
Ans: Bang Na Expressway (Thailand).

5. Which is the longest railway bridge in the world ?
Ans. Danyang – Kunshan Grand Bridge (China).

6. Name of the largest irrigational canal in the world ?
Ans: Narmada main canal (Gujarat, India).

7. Name of the longest irrigational canal in the world ?
Ans: The Kalakumsky canal.

8. Name of the longest canal in the world ?
Ans: Suez canal.

9. Highest capital in the world-
Ans: La Paz ( Bolivia).

10. Which city is largest population in the world ?
Ans: Tokyo .

11. Costliest city in the world-
Ans: Tokyo.

12. Name of the city which is biggest  in area in the world ?
Ans: Mount Isa (Australia).

13. Name of the highest city in the world ?
Ans: Van Chuan (China).

14. Name of the largest continent in the world ?
Ans: Asia.

15. Name of the smallest continent in the world ?
Ans: Australia.

16. Name of the continent which is maximum countries in the world?
Ans: Africa (56 countries).

17. Name of the country which is biggest area in the world ?
Ans: Russia.

18. Which country is largest population in the world ?
Ans. China.

19. Which country is largest electorate in the world ?
Ans. India.

20. Highest density country in the world.
Ans. Monaco ( 16,205 people per sq. km).

21. Largest landlocked country in the world ?
Ans : Kazakhstan.

22. Largest creature in the world-
Ans: Blue whale.

23. Name of the largest delta in the world ?
Ans: Sunderbans (Bangladesh & India).

24. Largest desert in the world-
Ans: Sahara (Africa).

25. Name of the hydroelectric power station ?
Ans: Three gorges dam in Hubei (China).

26. Name of the largest dam in the world ?
Ans: Grand Coulee Dam ( U.S.A).

27. Name of the highest dam in the world ?
Ans: Hoover Dam (U.S.A).

28. Which is the largest dome in the world ?
Ans: Astrodome (Houston, U.S.A).

29. Largest epic in the world-
Ans: Mahabharat.

30. Longest highway in the world-
Ans: Pan American Highway.

31. Which is largest irrigation scheme in the world ?
Ans: Lloyd Barrage (Sukkhur, Pakistan).

32.Which is largest Island in the world ?
Ans: Greenland.

33. Which is largest sea in th0e world ?
Ans: South China Sea.

34. Name of the deepest sea in the world ?
Ans: Baikal (Siberia).

35. Name of the largest artificial lake in the world ?
Ans: Lake Volta (Ghana).

36. Name of the highest lake in the world ?
Ans: Titicaca (Bolivia).

37. Largest Fresh water lake in the world.
Ans: Superior.

38. Largest salt water lake in the world-
Ans: Caspian.

39. Which is the largest library in the world ?
Ans: United States Library of Congress (Washington D.C).

40. Which is highest Mountain Peak in the world ?
Ans: Everest (Nepal).

41. Name of the longest mountain range in the world ?
Ans: Andes (S. America).

42.Name of the largest museum in the world ?
Ans: British Museum (London).

43. Name of the largest Ocean in the world ?
Ans: Pacific.

44. Biggest Palace in the world-
Ans: Vatican (Italy).

45. Largest park in the world-
Ans: Yellow Stone National Park (U.S.A).

46. Largest Peninsula in the world-
Ans: Arabia.

47. Habitated Coldest place in the world-

Ans: Verkhoyansk (Siberia).

48. Which is the driest place in the world ?

Ans: Iqique (Atacama Desert, Chile).

49. Which is hottest place in the world ?

Ans: Death Valley (U.S.A.) Temperature recorded was 57*C on July 10, 1913.

50. Name of the rainiest place in the world ?

Ans: Mausinram (Meghalaya, India).

51. Name of the busiest port in the world ?

Ans: Port of Shanghai (China).

52. Highest GDP in the world –

Ans: United States.

53. Highest plateau in the world –

Ans: Pamir (Tibet).

54. Name of the longest railway route in the world ?

Ans: Yivu (China to London, 12 ,000 km).

55. Name of the longest railway platform in the world ?

Ans: Gorakhpur (India).

56. Which is largest railway station in the world ?

Ans: Grand Central Terminal ( Chicago, U.S.A.).

57. Which is biggest Refinery in the world ?

Ans: Reliance Industries Ltd. Refinery ( Jamnagar, Gujarat, India).

58. Which is longest river in the world ? 

Ans: Nile (Africa).

59. Name of the largest river in the world ? 

Ans: Amazon (S. America).

60. Longest Sea Coast in the world – 

Ans: Canada.

61. Tallest statue in the world –

Ans: Spring Temple Buddha (China).

62. Largest Seating Capacity Stadium in the world –

Ans: Rungnado 1st of May Stadium (North Korea).

63. Which is largest Radio Telescope in the world ?

Ans: New Mexico (U.S.A.).

64. Which is the world’s first Tramway ?

Ans: New York.

65. Name of the longest railway tunnel in the world ?

Ans: Gotthard Base Tunnel (Switzerland).

66. Name of the longest road tunnel in the world ? 

Ans: Lardal Tunnel (24.5 km – Norway).

67. Name of the highest volcano in the world ? 

Ans: Ojos del Salado (Andes, Ecuador).

68. Most active volcano in the world-

Ans: Maunaloa (Hawali, U.S.A.).

69. Longest wall in the world –

Ans: Great Wall Of China.

70. Name of the highest waterfall in the world ?

Ans: Angle (Venezuela).

71. Name of the lowest body water in the world ?

Ans: Dead Sea.

72. Name of the largest zoo in the world ? 

Ans: San Diego Zoo (U.S.A.).

73. Which is the brightest star ?

Ans: Sirius.

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