[Updated] GK Questions for Class 2 – GK Quiz For Class 2


 1,938 Views If you are searching Best GK Questions for Class 2 then scroll down here we discuss Most Important Class 2 General knowledge (GK) MCQ for you Kid. 200 + GK Questions for Class 2 (ii) with GK Quiz Here is most essential Class 2 General Knowledge Questions with Quiz to grow or improve your … Read more

Tribal Groups in India


 1,559 Views Tribal Groups Found in Abhors North-East Adivasis MP (Bastar distt.) Angami Manipur Apatamis Arunachal Pradesh Badagas Tamil Nadu Baigas MP Bakkarwals J & K Bhils MP & Rajasthan Bhotias Uttarakhand Bhuia MP Birhors MP and Bihar Chang North-East Chenchus AP and Odisha Chutia Assam Gaddis Himachal Pradesh Gallong North-East Garos Assam and Meghalaya Gonds … Read more

Dadasaheb Phalke Award Recipient


 1,113 Views Here is the full list Dadasaheb Phalke Award Recipient year Recipient Awarded as 1969 Devika Rani Chaudhuri Roerich Actress 1970 B. N. Sircar Producer 1971 Prithviraj Kapoor Actor (Awarded posthumously) 1972 Pankaj Mullick Music Director 1973 Ruby Myers (sulochana) Actress 1974 Bommireddy Narasimha Reddy Director 1975 Dhirendranath Ganguly Actor, Director 1976 Kanan Devi Actress … Read more

[List] Year and Venue of Asian Games


 1,847 Views Asiad Year Venue No. of participating Countries No. of Sporting Events Highest Medals Winner 1. 1951 New Delhi 11 6 Japan 2. 1954 Manila 18 7 Japan 3. 1958 Tokyo 20 13 Japan 4. 1962 Djakarta 16 13 Japan 5. 1966 Bangkok 18 14 Japan 6. 1970 Bangkok 18 13 Japan 7. 1974 Tehran … Read more

[PDF] Param Vir Chakra Recipients List


 1,772 Views Param Vir Chakra Recipients List Download Free Study Materials – Click Here Name Regiment Date Place Major Som Nath Sharma 4th Battalion Kumaon Regiment November 3, 1947 Badgam, Kashmir Lance Naik Karam Singh 1st Battalion, Sikh Regiment Octobar 13, 1948 Tithwal, Kashmir Second Lieutenant Rama Raghoba Rane Corps of Engineers April 8, 1948 Naushera, … Read more

[PDF] Father of Biology – Father of Different Branches of Biology


 1,529 Views Father of Biology – Father of Different Branches of Biology 1. Who is the father of Zoology?Ans: Aristotle. 2. Who is the father of Biology?Ans: Aristottle 3. Who is the father of Botany?Ans: Theophrastus. 4. Who is the father of Modern Botany?Ans: Linnaeus. 5. Who is the father of Genetics?Ans: G.J. Mendel. 6. Who … Read more

[PDF Download] Ranks of Commissioned Officers List


 1,090 Views Army Air Force Navy General Air Chief Marshal Admiral Lt. General Air Marshal Vice Admiral Major General Air Vice Marshal Rear Admiral Brigadier Air Commodore Commodore Colonel Group Captain Captain Lt. Colonel Wing Cmmondore Commondore Major Squadron Leader Lt. Commondore Captain Fit. Lieutenant Lieutenant Lieutenant Flying Officer Sub-Lieutenant

[List Download] Famous News Agencies of The World


 1,225 Views Countries Agencies Australia AAP China XINHUA Egypt MENA France A. F. P. Germany D. P. A. India PTI India UNI India Samachar Bharti India Univarta Indonesia Antara Iran IRAN Italy ANSA Israel ITIM Japan KYODO Malaysia BERNAMA Pakistan APP Palestine WAFA Russia Tass Russia NOVOSTI United Kingdom REUTER United States of America AP (Associated … Read more

[Download] Newly Industrialised Countries List of The World


 1,835 Views Country Associated Industry Afganistan Carpets, wool and dry fruits Australia Wheat, wool, meat Austria Machinery, Textiles Belgium Glass, Textiles Brazil Coffee Canada Wheat, Newsprint Chile Copper China Rice, Wheat, Slik Cuba Sugar, Tabacco Denmark Dairy Products England Textiles, Mechinery Finland Textiles France Textiles, Wine Germany Mechinary India Mica, Tea, Jute, Textiles Indonesia Rubber, Cinchona … Read more

[Download] 10 Top Rivers in The World PDF – World 10 Longest Rivers


 1,867 Views 10 Top Rivers in The World PDF – World 10 Longest Rivers River Origin Falls in Length (Km.) Image Nile Victoria lake Mediterranean Sea 6,650 Amazon Andes (Peru) Atlantic Ocean 6’428 Yangtze Tibetan Kiang Plateau East China Sea 6,300 Mississippi Missouri Itaska lake (USA) Gulf of Mexico 6,275 Yenisei Tannu-Ola Mts. Kara Sea 5,539 … Read more