[PDF Download] Famous Tribes of the World List


Famous Tribes of the World List

AbhorsPeople of Mongolian blood living between Assam and Eastern tribes.
AfridisTribes residing in the North-west Frontier (Pakistan).
BantusNegroes living in the Central and South Africa.
BoersThe Dutch settlers of South Africa.
CossacksPeople living in the southern and eastern frontiers of Russia.
EskimosInhabitants of Greenland and of Arctic regions.
FlemingsA term used for the people of Belgium.
HamitesInhabitants of North-West Africa.
KhirgizPeople Living in Central Asia.
KurdsTribes living in Central Asia.
MagyarsInhabitants of Hungary.
MaorisInhabitants of New Zealand.
NegroesMostly found in Africa.
PygmiesShort sized people found in Congo basin in Africa.
Red IndiansOriginal inhabitants of North America.
SemitesCaucasian people of ancient times
ZulusPeople of South Africa living in certain part of Natal.

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