[PDF] General Science Questions | Objective Questions On Genetics

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[PDF] General Science Questions and Answers On Genetics | GK Questions


1. Genetics deals with –

Ans: Inheritance as well as variation of characters from parents to offspring

2. Who was used the Genetics terms firstly?

Ans. W Bateson.

3. What is the meaning of “Inheritance” ? 

Ans. The process by which characters are passed on from parents to progeny.

4. By which , each character is carried forward from parents to offspring ?

Ans. Genes.

5. Who is known as “Father of Genetics” ?

Ans. Gregor Johann Mendel ( Austria).

6. Who was the inventor of “Law Of Inheritance In Living Organisms” ?

Ans. Gregor Johann Mendel.

7. Which are Mendel’s experimental materials ?

Ans. Pea Plant ( Scientific name Pisum Sativum) and selected seven pairs of specifics variations.

8. Who proposed “Law of independence assortment” ?
Ans. G. J. Mendel.

9. WB proposed “Law of segregation or purity of gametes” ?
Ans. G. J. Mendel.

10. According to which law Mendel proposed “Law of Dominance” ?
Ans. Mendel’s First Law.

11. According to which law Mendel proposed ” Law of Segregation” ?
Ans. Mendel’s Second Law.

12. The phenotype ratio of Dihybrid Cross obtained was-
Ans. 9:3:3:1

13. The phenotype ratio of Monohybrid Cross obtained ?
Ans. 3:1

14. The genotype ratio of Monohybrid Cross obtained was-
Ans. 1:2:1

15. Example of Incomplete Dominant ?
Ans. Snapdragon ( Dog Flower, Antirrhinum majus), Four O’clock plant ( Mirabilis Jalapa).

16. Codominance happen in-
Ans. Human Blood ( Control by gene 1).

17. What is the name of 23 no. Chromosome ?
Ans. Sex Chromosomes.


[PDF] General Science Questions, Objective Questions On Genetics

18. XX-XY known as-
Ans. Heterogametic Male.

19. How many Autosomes has in human body ?
Ans. 22 pair.

20. What is happened, when change arises in a single base pair of DNA ?
Ans. Point Mutation (Ex. Sickle-cell anaemia).

21. Thalassemia is a-
Ans. Genetics disease.

22. Haemophilia is a-
Ans. Blood disease.

23. Thalassemia controlled by which type of gene ?
Ans. Autosomal gene.

24. The gene of Haemophilia disease form in which Chromosome ?
Ans. X chromosome.

25. If blood does not clot then this is the probability of which disease ?
Ans. Haemophilia.

26. Which is called “Rajokia Haemophilia” ?
Ans. Haemophilia A.

27. Which is called “Chrismas Disease” ?
Ans. Haemophilia B.

28. Who is the conductor of Haemophilia ?
Ans. Women.

29. One lady can not understand the difference between red and green colours. Why ?
Ans. Because she is colour blindness.

30. Which is called Protonopia ?
Ans. Red colour blindness.

31. Which is called Deuteranopia ?
Ans. Green colour blindness.

32. Which is called Tritanopia ?
Ans. Blue colour blindness.

33. Genetic Counseling is mandatory between two couple before marriage to prevent which disease ?
Ans. Thalassemia.

34. “Rolling Tongue” is a example of ?
Ans. Variation.

35. Unit of Inheritance Factor ?
Ans. Gene.


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