[PDF] GK Questions On Sports | Terms, Ground, Agencies


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Here I covered all types of GK Questions on Sports like

  • National Sports of Famous Country
  • Terms Used In Games and Sports
  • Sports Grounds
  • Agencies or Organisation Related To Sports

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[PDF] GK Questions On Sports | Terms, Ground, Agencies

National Sports Of Famous Countries :

Australia – Cricket

Brazil – Football

Canada – Ice Hockey

United States Of America – Baseball

Malaysia – Badminton

India – Hockey

China – Table Tennis

Pakistan – Hockey

England – Cricket

Japan – Judo or Ju Jitsu

Spain – Bull Fighting

Russia – Chess, Football

Scotland – Rugby Football

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Important Terms Used In Games And Sports :

Wrestling – Half Nelson, Heave.

Volleyball – Booster, Deuce, Spikers.

Swimming – Stroke.

Rugby – Drop Kick, Screen.

Rifle Shooting – Bull’s Eye.

Lawn Tennis – Smash, Volley, Deuce.

Polo – Chuckker.

Horse Racing – Jockey.

Hockey – Bull, Carry, Scoop, Under Cutting.

Golf : Bogey, Caddie, Tee.

Football – Dribble, Drop Kick, Off Side.

Cricket – Crease, Duck, Follow On, Googly, Silly Point, Gulley.

Chess – Checkmate, Gambit, Stalemate.

Bridge – Diamond, Grand Slam, Trump, Revoke.

Boat Race – Cox.

Boxing – Knock Out, Punch.

Billiard – Cannons, In Off.

BaseBall – Bunting, Put Out, Home.

Badminton – Drop, Fault, Double.

Sports Grounds :

Golf – Course

Hockey – Field

Athletics – Track

BaseBall – Diamond

Handball – Court

Ice Hockey – Ring

Cricket – Pitch / Field

Badminton – Court

Lawn Tennis – Court

Football – Field

Boxing – Ring

Skating – Ring

Agencies or Organisations Related To Sports :

UCI – Cycling

IOC – Olympics

FIDE – Chess.

AGF – Asian Game.

FIFA – Football.

CGF – Commonwealth Games.

IITF – Table Tennis

PGA – Golf.

WTA – Women’s Tennis.

ICC– Cricket.

ITF – Lawn Tennis.

IHF – Hockey.

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