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Want to 90% Sure Madhyamik Suggestion 2021 PDF Download ? Then this the right place for you to Download WBBSE Madhyamik(10th) Suggestions PDF. This the best website for Madhyamik Pariksha Suggestion. Don’t Worry ! You can check out our All Subjects Suggestion for Madhyamik (Secondary) from this single page.

We know that this the very difficult time for all during the COVID 19 pandemic. For this reason, all schools have been closed since few months and all education system all over the world is largely effected. That is why, this the crucial time for all students.

But dear students you have to prepared for your upcoming WBBSE Madhyamik Examination 2020-2021. So you have to practice all your subjects regularly in home. You can get all Madhyamik Suggestion 2020-2021 PDF with smart preparation strategy from here.

Madhyamik Suggestion 2021 PDF Download

madhyamik suggestion 2021

Before enter the main topic let’s talk some words about Madhyamik 2021. We know that Indian Government published new National Education Policy after 34 years. According this NEP, no board exam will be conducted after 2021.

From this point of view, Secondary Examination 2021 as well as Higher Secondary Exam 2021 will be the last board exam. So you the last batch student of Madhyamik Exam. Below is the full Class 10th Suggestion 2021 for you.

2021 Madhyamik Suggestion PDF Download

All SubjectBengali
Life SciencePhysical Science

Madhyamik Suggestion 2021 Bengali PDF

Bengali (বাংলা) is known as First Language Exam in WBBSE. This is like a mind freshener subject as well as exam among the all. In every year Bangla Exam conducted at first in Madhyamik.

Madhyamik Bangla Exam Number Dividing 2021  

Nirmiti*R=10, A=4, P=519
(*P.S.G=  পূর্ণাঙ্গ সহায়ক গ্রন্থ, R= প্রবন্ধ রচনা, A= অনুবাদ, P= সংলাপ রচনা বা প্রতিবেদন রচনা)

WBBS Bengali Suggestion: Our highly experienced expert make this suggestion with their utmost effort. The 2021 Bangla Madhyamik Suggestion will make by following the latest WB Board Syllabus. Must follow our Suggestion of Bengali Subject in Madhyamik Exam to get a good score. 

Now, Click on below link if you are really interested to Download 2021 Madhyamik Suggestion-

Madhyamik Suggestion 2021 English PDF

English (ইংরাজি) is known as Second language Subject in Poschimbanga Modhyo Siksha Porshod. This is a important subject for board exam. According to students opinion english is a slightly tough subject. So, you must have to prepared and practice this regularly.

Madhyamik(10th) English Exam Number Dividing 2021  

SeenProse: 5Prose: 3Prose: 4(2,2)12
Poetry: 4Poetry: 4(2,2)8

Madhyamik English Suggestion 2021: We know that english is very important subject for you, that is why we care a lot about this. Our expertise will try their level best to make the suggestion according to WB Board Syllabus. We hope that if you follow and solve the Madhyamik 2021 English Important Questions from the suggestion then you must get a high score.

Now, Click on the below download button if you want to download the suggestion-

English SuggestionDownload

Madhyamik Suggestion 2021 Geography PDF

Geography (ভূগোল) is a scoring subject in madhyamik. If you focus on the subject then you will make a beautiful number in upcoming exam. You have to prepare for this subject continuously.

Geography 10th Class Number Division 2021  

ভু- বৈচিত্র0102020308

Madhyamik Geography Suggestion 2021: Our suggestion will help you a lots. We follow the new syllabus properly. We hope you will get 80-90% common  questions from this suggestion. We prepared our suggestion paper with Madhyamik 2021 Geography Important Questions

So, If you wish to check out and download the  then click on download button-

Geography SuggestionDownload

History Suggestion Madhyamik 2020-2021

History (ইতিহাস) is boring subject as per maximum students opinion. That is why maximum student’s have not so much interested on this subject. For this reason this subject gradually became difficult for the students. But believe me, this is not a boring or hard subject. You can get a beautiful score by read this subject regularly.

WBBSE Class 10 History Exam Number Pattern 2021  

1020204(2*2)04( 2টি প্রশ্ন 1st/2ndঅধ্যায় থেকে)
2030304(2*2)04( 2টি প্রশ্ন 1st/2ndঅধ্যায় থেকে)08( 1টি প্রশ্ন 2nd/3rd অধ্যায় থেকে)
3020304(2*2)04( 2টি প্রশ্ন 3rd/4th অধ্যায় থেকে)08( 1টি প্রশ্ন 2nd/3rd অধ্যায় থেকে)
403034(2*2)04( 2টি প্রশ্ন 3rd/4th অধ্যায় থেকে)08( 1টি প্রশ্ন 4th/5th অধ্যায় থেকে)
502024(2*2)04( 2টি প্রশ্ন 5th/6th অধ্যায় থেকে)08( 1টি প্রশ্ন 4th/5th অধ্যায় থেকে)
6030304(2*2)04( 2টি প্রশ্ন 5th/6th অধ্যায় থেকে)08( 1টি প্রশ্ন 6th/7th অধ্যায় থেকে)
7030304(2*2)04( 2টি প্রশ্ন 7th/8th অধ্যায় থেকে)08( 1টি প্রশ্ন 6th/7th অধ্যায় থেকে)
802104(2*2)04( 2টি প্রশ্ন 7th/8th অধ্যায় থেকে)
(SEAQ= Short Explanation Answer Question, m/ms= Marks)

Suggestion of History Madhymaik 2020-2021: As I already say that history is not a hard subject but you have to do slightly smart work for this. You have to short out History important questions for WBBSE 10th Exam 2021. 

But don’t worry ! here we are for you. We prepared a good quality WBBSE 10th Exam Suggestion for you by our highly experienced staff. Just download our suggestion and practice this beside your regular study.

So, if you are interested to get high score then download now by clicking below button-

History SuggestionDownload

Madhyamik Suggestion 2021 Mathematics PDF Download

Mathematics (অঙ্ক) is a most important subject in Madhyamik according to scoring point of view as well as higher study. This the highly scoring subject among the all. But beside that this is also a most worry subject as per maximum candidates opinion. You can not get a good score by over a day-night effort. You have to study and practice Math regularly with concentration.

Madhyamik 10th Math Syllabus 2021

(F.T.B= Fill in The Blanks, T/F= True/False, m/ms= Marks)

2021 Madhyamik Math suggesstion PDF: As I says that Mathematics is one of the scoring subject in board exam. You have to practice this subject very smartly and regularly. Don’t be so worry about the toughness of this subject if you do so. You can not get a big score in madhyamik without this. Our most experienced teachers tried their level best to prepare the Madhyamik Math Suggestion. Here are the Madhyamik 2021 Math Important Questions

So, if you want to get 90% marks in mathematics then our highly recommendation to practice our Mathematics Madhyamik Suggestion besides your regular practice. So, wish to Download Madhyamik Common 2021 Math, then click on below link-

Math SuggestionDownload

Madhyamik Suggestion 2021 Physical Science PDF

Physical Science ( ভৌত বিজ্ঞান) is 3rd scoring subject after Math and Life Science in 10th Exam. But about the toughness, it’s the 2nd tough subject after Math according to students. But you can easily beat this subject by practice continuously and regularly in more concentration. If you do so, then physical science became a normal subject gradually.

Madhyamik Physical Science Syllabus 2021

সাধারণ অংশEnvironment01020205
Gas Behaviour0102020308
Chemical Calculation010304
পদার্থ বিদ্যাTemperature 01010305
Current Electricity0202020612
Atomic Stucture01010305
রসায়নPeriodic Table01020306
Ionic & Equivalent Bond01010406
Electric Current & Chemical Reaction01020306

Madhyamik Physical Science Suggestion 2021: In our suggestion paper, we follow the proper syllabus of Madhyamik Physical Science 2020-2021. Our highly experienced staff prepared this with their utmost effort for you. For fearless test we recommend you, must practice our Madhyamik Physics Suggestion 2020 regularly beside your regular study. In this suggestion paper have Madhyamik 2021 Physical Science Important Questions.

If you want to download the suggestion paper for good score in your upcoming exam then click the below button-

Physical Science SuggestionDownload

Madhyamik Suggestion 2021 Life Science PDF

Life Science (জীবন বিজ্ঞান) is a 2nd scoring subject in class 10 exam after mathematics, but this is the most easiest subject in science section. But it does not means that you can score easily without preparation. This is easy for those candidate who read it and practice it regularly. So, you have to give little effort if you a regular candidate.

Madhyamik Exam 2021 Life Science Syllabus    

জীবজগতের নিয়ন্ত্রন ও সমন্বয়030506(2*3)0519
জীবনের প্রবাহমাত্রা030504(2*2)0517
বংশগতি ও জীনগত রোগ030304(2*2)0515
অভিব্যাক্তি ও অভিযোজন030304(2*2)0515
পরিবেশ, সম্পদ ও সংরক্ষন030506(2*3)10(5*2)24

WBBSE 10th Madhyamik Life Science Suggestion PDF Download 2020-2021: You can practice our Class 10 Life Science Suggestion Book besides your daily study to get higher number for upcoming exam. We follow your 10th exam syllabus and number division accurately. We included Madhyamik 2021 Life Science Important Questions in our suggestion paper. 

If you wish the you can easily download this by click the below download link now- 

Life Science SuggestionDownload

WB Madhyamik (10th) Exam Date and Time

We know that, the date on which the results of the previous exam are published, on that  day the WB Madhyamik Exam Routine also be announced. But as I said already that due to COVID 19 all education systems is effected, that’s why West Bengal Board of Secondary Examination(WBBSE/Paschimbonga Madhya Siksha Parshad) has been not announced any exact date or schedule of exam. But according to our expertise, we prepare a Madhyamik 2021 Expected Date (Routine made by us, not government. so,we are not assure about that). Here it is –   

Expected Date of Madhyamik 2021 (Expected Routine)

24/02/21WednesdayLife Science
26/02/21FridayPhysical Science

Almost I already said all things about Madhyamik Suggestion 2021 for Bengali, English, Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Science, History and Geography all subjects. We hope you will get 80-90% common in upcoming exam but it does not means that we take the responsibility or guarantee that 80-90% questions will come from our any types of suggestion.

It’s depend your luck but we tried our maximum effort. But I must suggest you if you want to get good score then you must have to read your book and all study materials regularly. Our best luck always with you.   

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