[PDF] Important National and International Years List


Important National and International Years List PDF

2003International Fresh Water
2004International Year of Rice
2005International Year of Physics/Sports (by UNO)
2006International Year of Deserts and Desertification
2007International Polar Year

Year of the Dolphin

2008International Year of Sanitation

International Year of Languages

2009International Year of Astronomy (UN)

International Years of Natural Fibers (FAO)

International Year of Reconcillation

2010International Year of Biodiversity

International Year of Youth

2011International Year of Forests

International Year of Chemistry

2012International Year of Cooperatives

National Year of Mathematics

2013Water Conservation Year (India)
2014International Year of Family Farming and Crystallography (UN)
2015International Year of Light, International Year of Soils
2016International Year of Pulses (UN General Assembly)
2017International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development
2018UN has not announced 2018 as a International Year

National Year of Millets

2019International Year of Indigenous Languages
2020International Year of Plant Health

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