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General Knowledge Questions

1. Who was crowned with “Miss India” worldwide title for 2016 ? 
Ans- Kareena Kohli

2. Who said, “fools Rush in where Angels fear to tread ?”
Ans- Alexander Pope

3. The famous work of Leo Tolstoy is ?
Ans- War and Peace

4. The Arab invasion of Sindh took place in ?
Ans- 712 A.D

5. James James Bond is a character created by
Ans- Ian Fleming

6. India liberated Goa from the Portuguese in ?
Ans- 1961

7. Who was the founder of Saka era ?
Ans- Kaniska

8. India Fragile Borderlines is the book written by 
Ans- Archana Upadhyay

9. Which is the place of worship of Jews ?
Ans- Synagogue

10. Most populated state in India ?
Ans- Uttar Pradesh

11. Which is the religious book of the Parsis ?
Ans- Zend Avesta

12. Which is the India’s first nuclear submarine ?
Ans- INS Arihant

13. Which one is not a fundamental right in the constitution of India ?
Ans- Right to Property

14. Where are tanks manufactured in India ?
Ans- Avadi

15. What is the lowest commissioned rank in the Indian Air Force ?
Ans- Flying Officer

16. Which is the oldest mountain range ?
Ans- Aravali

17. Which religious segment in the population of India enjoys the highest literacy rate ?
Ans- Jain’s

18. To which density did Ashoka belong ?
Ans- Maurya