[PDF] Foreign Town Associated with Industries – Online Test


Town(Country)Associated Industry
Baku (Azerbaijan)Petroleum
Bangkok (Thailand)Ship building
Belfast (Ireland)Ship building
Buenos Aires (argentina)Meat
Cadiz (Portugal)Cork
Chicago (U.S.A.)Agricultural, implements, Meat
Cologne (Germany)Cotton and woollen industries
Dhaka (Bangladesh)Jute
Detroit (U.S.A.)Motor cars
Dresden (Germany)Optical and photographic apparatus
Glasgow (Great Britain)Machinery
Havana (Cuba)Tobacco, Cigars
Hollywood (U.S.A.)Film industry
Johannesburg (S. Africa)Gold mines
Kimberley (S. Africa)Diamond mining
Leeds (England)Woollen goods
Lyons (France)Silk industries
Manchester (England)Cotton industry
Mauritius (Indian Ocean)Fishing, Shipping, Sugar
Milan (Italy)Silk
Morocco (North Africa)Leather
Munich (Germany)Lenses
New Orleans (U.S.A.)Cotton industry
Osaka (Japan)Cotton fabrics
Pittsburgh (U.S.A.)Iron and Steel
Plymouth (England) Ship-building
Sheffield (England)Cutlery
Venice (Italy) Glass manufacturing
Vienna (Austria)Glass manufacturing
Wellington (New Zealand)Dairy Product

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