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If you are searching Best GK Questions for Class 2 then scroll down here we discuss Most Important Class 2 General knowledge (GK) MCQ for you Kid.

200 + GK Questions for Class 2 (ii) with GK Quiz

Here is most essential Class 2 General Knowledge Questions with Quiz to grow or improve your child brain. I divided this into 22 sections to simplify it i.e. 1. About India 2. Tree 3. Fruit 4. Flower 5. Animal 6. Bird 7. Fish 8. Human Body 9. First Female 10. First Male 11. Great Men 12. Sport 13. Solar System 14. Day, Month & Year 15. Discoveries 16. World’s Biggest, Longest and Highest 17. India’s Biggest, Longest and Highest 18. Nickname of Literary 19. History and 20. Miscellaneous

#1. About India Class 2 GK

1. We live in which country ?
ans. India
class 2 gk
2. What is name of the capital of India ?
Ans. Delhi
class 2 gk
3. National Song of India is ?
Ans. ‘Jana Gana Mana Adhinayaka Jaya Hai’ (जन गण मन अधिनायक जय हे) written by Rabindranath Tagor.
class 2 gk
4. Which is the national emblem of India ?
Ans. The Lion Capital of Ashoka
class 2 gk
5. In which year India became independent?
Ans. In 15 August 1947.
class 2 gk
6. How many strips has in Ashok Chakra ?
Ans. Total 24 strips has in Ashok Chakra.
7. Name of national animal of India ?
Ans. Bengal Tiger.
gk class 2
8. National fruit of India ?
Ans. Mango is the national fruit of Bharat.
gk class 2
9. National flower of Bharat ?
Ans. Lotus.
gk class 2
10. India’s national bird is ?
Ans. Peacock is the national bird of India.
gk class 2
11. Name of the first President of India?
Ans. Dr. Rajendra Prasad.
Dr Rajendra Prasad gk class 2
12. Name of the first Prime Minister (PM) of India?
Ans. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.
gk class 2
13. Longest road of India is ?
Ans. Grand Trunk Road (G.T. Road).
14. Biggest state of India is ?
Ans. Rajasthan (342,239 Sqr. KM).
gk class 2
15. Smallest state of India is ?
Ans. Sikkim (7096 Sqr. KM).
gk class 2
16. Name of the desert of India ?
Ans. ‘Thar‘ which is in Rajasthan.
gk class 2 thar
17. In which continent India is located ?
Ans. Asia.
18. Name of all neighbouring countries of India ?
Ans. North : Nepal, Bhutan, China, North-West : Pakistan, East : Bangladesh, Myanmar, South : Sri Lanka and also Maldives, Indonesia.
19. Gujrat’s Gir National Park is famous for ?
Ans. Lion.
gk class 2 lion
20. Name of famous three rivers in India ?
Ans. Ganga, Yamuna and Godavari.
gk class 2 river
21. Name of two biggest airport of India is?
Ans. Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport (Kolkata) and Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (Mumbai).
gk class 2

#2. Tree GK For Class 2

22. Who said that – “Tree’s has also life” ?
Ans. Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose
23. Tree’s has divided into how many parts ?
Ans. Mainly divided into six parts i.e. Root, Stems, Branch, Leaves, Flowers and Fruit.
24. What do you call a tree that dies once with fruit ?
Ans. Medicinal plants.
25. Leaves are react when you touch it – What is the name of this tree ?
Ans. Mimosa Green Shame plant.
gk class 2 shame tree
26. Which plant has no leaves ?
Ans. Cactus.
27. Where is the ‘Kitchen Room’ of tree ?
Ans. In leaves.
28. Gad is made from which tree ?
Ans. Acacia Tree.
29. Penicillin is made from which tree ?
Ans. Penicillin Notatum.
30. What are the conditions for germination from seed ?
Ans. Water, air, sun light and temperature. 
31. What is the name of a colorless plant ?
Ans. Toad-stool.
32. Which tree can not make its own food ?
Ans. Golden tree,
33. Why the leaves of the tree are green ?
Ans. Chlorophyll.


#3 Fruit GK Questions for Class 2

1. Which is the national fruit of India ?
Ans. Mango.
2. Name of two ‘one seed’ fruit –
Ans. Mango, Litchi.
3. Name of two ‘two seed’ fruit –
Ans. Watermelon. Papaya.
GK Questions for Class 2 water melon
4. Name of the fruit which is naturally mass produce in the summer season ?
Ans. Mango.
5. Name of two fruit which is naturally mass produce in the rainy season ?
Ans. Papaya, Pineapple.
gk class 2 fruit
6. Name of two fruit which is naturally mass produce in the winter season ?
Ans. Apple, Oranges.
7. Name of two sour fruits –
Ans. Tamarind, Lemon.
8. What is called ‘Raisins’ ?
Ans. Dried Grapes is called Raisins.
9. What is known as King of Fruits ?
Ans. Mango.
10. Name of those fruit which is available in all the year ?
Ans. Coconut, Banana.
gk class 2 fruit coconut
11. Even if the fruit ripens, it remains sour- Which fruit ?
Ans. Tamarind.
12. Name of two dry fruits-
Ans. Betel Nut, Walnut.
GK Questions for Class 2

#4 Flower GK Class 2

1. Name of our national flower is ?
Ans. Lotus.
2. Name of some white flower –
Ans. Night Queen, Jasmine, Gardenia, Foal Foot.
3. Name of two red color flower ?
Ans. China Rose, Bastard Teak.
gk class 2 china rose
4. Which flower faces toward the sun all the day ?
Ans. Sunflower.
GK Questions for Class 2 flower
5. Which flower change its color all the day ?
Ans. Ground Lotus.
6. Mention the name of two odorless flower –
Ans. China Rose, Foal Foot.
7. How many parts has a flower and what ?
Ans. Three. Sepal, Petal and Androecium.
8. Mention a name of flower which live in water –
Ans. Lotus.
9. Name of two flowers which is naturally mass produce in the summer season ?
Ans. Jasmine, Champa.
GK Questions for Class 2 jasmine
10. Name of a flower which is naturally mass produce in the winter season ?
Ans. Marigold.
11. What is known as ‘Queen of Flowers’ ?
Ans. Rose.

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